Syster! Syster!

Spring is finally on it’s way after a long cold winter in Stockholm (it’s been alot like what I imagine the winter in Game of Thrones will be like). And now it’s raining…


Last weekend Summers past/Där barn jag lekt was screened at the film festival “Syster! Syster” a cooperation between Tellus Bio, Amnesty and Group 44. The focus was Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Rights.

They also screened two superb shorts, “Porrskadat” by Moa Kjellstrand and Roxane Von Gerber Hedayat and “28” by Lovisa Reeder.

In “Porrskadat”  we hear nine girls talk about how porn affected their relationships, self-image and sexuality.

“28” is about a woman who arrives in Sweden for the first time, where her husband is waiting. An experimental dance film based on a true story.

If you ever get a chance to watch theese I’d strongly recommend you’d do so.


While we’re getting wet in Stockholm, Sophia is on a course set in Istanbul. She will be exploring how she and other film-makers portray images of people from other cultures/countries.


(some of Sophias peers)


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